New RMX driver and irons are here

YAMAHA have made new additions to their range of golf clubs with the release of the new RMX VD 59 driver that pushes the limits of the moment of intertia (MOI) and the RMX VD 40 that the highest MOI in an iron.

According to the Japan company the RMX VD 59 driver has a MOI of 5,820g/cm2, which comes close to the boundaries of the present MOI limit of 5900 g/cm². The driver is equipped with Yamaha’s all-new movable weight technology known as the RMX VD Weight System. This allows golfers to adjust the position of the movable weight to optimise their shot shape while maintaining the MOI.

Yamaha have also improved their “Boost Ring” technology from the previous generation of RMX models, where a series of ribs are placed inside all around the face to form a single ring structure.

This ring prevents unnecessary body deformation on a shot and generates uniform deflection throughout. It also reduces energy loss and helps generate higher ball speeds off the face.

Yamaha’s RMX VD 40 irons come with a moment of intertia of 4,000g/cm2. This was designed in an unconventional shape by positioning extreme weight at the ends of the heel and toe – the points farthest from the centre of gravity. The extreme positions of weight result in shots losing minimal distance, including shots hit outside of the centre of the face.

Although the positioning of the weight makes a bulge on the hosel and toe, it complete disappears at address due to strategic positioning whereby the bulges are hidden by the hosel and topline.

The new Yamaha RMX VD 59 driver, only available from early February, is exclusively available from MST Golf stores and retails for RM3,750 and RMX VD 40 irons (graphite shafts) for RM6,550.