Solid swing for a solid game

A SOLID swing is important for creating the base of a good game. Indeed, many a pro will tell amateurs or aspiring golfers that a good swing is the basis of enjoying good golf. These days, in the world of advanced technology and the overwhelming impact of the Internet, there are thousands upon thousands of tips readily available to choose from. But the key is to know which ones are helpful and which ones you should choose.

Here, we illustrate three key areas of a sound swing, like world number five Xander Schauffele, who has among the smoothest swings in the game.

1 Rotate shoulders

It is important to note that you are on-plane at the top of your swing to execute solid ball-striking and good accuracy. This will automatically ensure that you have rotated your shoulders into the backswing correctly.

2 Body power

Your power comes from the body and not the arms. Thus, you should start moving the club with your body and you will find that you will get the ball into the air a lot more frequently. You should turn fully through the ball on your downswing.

3 Low hands

The height of the follow-through dictates the height of the shot. Thus, the lower your hands, the lower the ball flight will be. In some instances having the ball back in your stance or opting for a stronger club and easy swing are ways to effectively achieve the same thing. Keep your hands low in the finish and the trajectory will be low.