Try a chip-and-run

The set-up

Have the ball just back of your centre in the stance so that there is a neutral angle to the club. The loft at address needs to be the same at impact and you do not want to lead the club in with the hands.

Do not add spin

For a running shot, do not try to add spin. It will come naturally, but do not look to create extra spin.

Use less loft

To encourage the ball to come out lower use a club with less loft. You could also close the face slightly at address, but this is quite an advanced shot and needs some practice.

Work target line

You want to work the club up and down the target line as much as possible. So do not stand too far from the ball. And get the clubhead to stay just visible outside the hands.

Focus on arms

Your body should follow the arms and not the other way round. Keep the wrists firm so that there will be little play in the hands and then use the arms to work the stroke.

On the level

When playing a chip shot try and find a flat spot on the green to land the ball. Avoid pitching the ball on slopes because that will make predicting the result much more difficult.