David Florence surprised Team GB’s Olympics selection was not reviewed

David Florence admits to being “a little surprised” Team GB’s Olympics selection strategy was not reviewed as he prepares to miss the Tokyo Games.

The three-time Olympic canoe silver medallist did not qualify after a sixth place in the men’s C1 at the Canoe Slalom World Championships in 2019.

However, with the Games delayed, Florence has found form in the run-up to Tokyo.

“It is a really strange one because the selection was so long ago,” he said.

“I am really disappointed not to be going there. I feel I have had some results that maybe showed I would have a really good chance of getting a good result out there, but nevertheless that is the way it has all panned out.

“There are things that are in your control and things that aren’t. I don’t make that decision. I may not necessarily agree with it, that is what has been decided.”

Florence, who is a reserve for the Tokyo games, won a C1 silver medal at the Canoe Slalom World Cup event in Prague last Sunday and competes in the next event in Germany this weekend.

Adam Burgess is the C1 men’s pick in Team GB for Tokyo.

“I can see it from the other point of view as well,” added Florence. “For some of these guys, they weren’t the top world ranked boat in our country in a lot of the categories.

“For them it was absolutely unbelievable that things worked out for them in that way and they were getting to go to the Olympics.

“To then have that taken away from you would be devastating as well, so there are two sides to it, but from a pure performance side of it, I suppose in all honesty I was a little surprised they didn’t say, ‘well look, we need to re-think this now’.

“I think it was my 24th world cup medal and the team we have got haven’t got anything close to that between them I don’t think.”