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I really want to take that class! (1/5)

A: Don’t forget, the class selection period begins tomorrow.

B: Wow, thanks for reminding me. I had completely forgotten!

A: Are you brain dead after the Lunar New Year?

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B: You bet. My head is full of nothing but good food and computer games.

A: We have a whole week for the class selection, but the popular classes will fill up very quickly, so we should get a shift on.

A: 加退選的時間從明天開始喔,不要忘記了!

B: 哇,謝謝你提醒。我都忘得一乾二淨了!

A: 過個年腦袋都空掉了,是吧?

B: 對呀,我現在滿腦子只有美食和電玩。

A: 雖然加退選的時間有一個禮拜,可是熱門的課名額很快就滿了,我們手腳還是要快一點。

(Translated by Paul Cooper, Taipei Times/台北時報林俐凱)

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