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You like the great outdoors, don’t you? (1/5)

A: Are you ready for the hiking trip next weekend?

B: Hiking trip? Oh, that completely slipped my mind! I haven’t done anything about it!

A: No worries, I have a list here of all the things you will need to take with you. Let’s go through them now. You like the great outdoors, don’t you? I’m sure you have most of the equipment you’ll need tucked away somewhere at home.

Photo: Paul Cooper, Taipei Times

B: OK. Hit me with it. What’s first?


B: 爬山?喔我完全忘光光了!我根本就還沒開始準備!

A: 沒關係,我這邊有一張清單,列出應該要帶的東西,我們來看一下。你不是很熱衷戶外活動嗎?想必大部份的用品你家裡已經有了。

B: 那好,你就唸來聽聽吧。第一項是什麼?

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times/台北時報林俐凱譯)

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“The great outdoors”

This term refers to all outdoor space in nature, and especially places used for recreational activities like hiking or camping.

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