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It’s my retirement,
and I’ll veg if I want to (1/5)

A: Congratulations on your imminent retirement! Have you given much thought to how you want to spend your new-found freedom?

B: I’ve been researching it and have discovered a wonderful new pastime that I think suits me down to the ground. I’ve been practicing. Look.

A: But you’re just sitting there doing nothing, with your feet on the desk and your arms behind your head.

Photo: Pixabay 照片:Pixabay

B: That’s right. It’s called “vegging out,” apparently, and the great thing is, you can do it anywhere: on the balcony, watching the TV, waiting for the laundry to finish…

A: 恭喜你快退休了!你想好要怎麼好好利用這新的自由了嗎?

B: 我已經在找了,而且發現了一個很棒的消遣娛樂,非常適合我。我已經在練習了。你看!

A: 可是你只是坐在那裡,把腳蹺到桌上,兩手放在頭後面,什麼都沒做啊!

B: 沒錯。這個叫做「耍廢」,很棒的是,這個你在哪裡都可以做:在陽台上、看電視的時候、在等衣服洗好的時候……

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times/台北時報林俐凱譯)


Suit somebody down to the ground

This means to be perfectly right for someone, generally because it is convenient.

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