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Oh, no, you’re short-sighted! (3/5)
完蛋了,你近視了! (三)

A: Do your eyes feel any better after using those eye drops I prescribed for you last time?

B: It’s easier for me to see things now, but I still can’t see the words on the blackboard all that clearly.

A: OK, so I think you should be wearing glasses. There’s an optician next door with professional optometrists, so you can go over there and see them.

Photo: Tsai Shu-yuan, Liberty Times

B: What do you think about me having laser surgery?

A: Your short-sightedness is not that serious, it won’t have too much of an impact on your everyday life, so I don’t think you need to have laser surgery.

A: 上次開給你的眼藥水,點過以後眼睛有沒有覺得好一點?

B: 我覺得看東西比較沒那麼吃力了,不過黑板上的字還是看不清楚。

A: 好吧,那你應該要去配一副眼鏡了。我們診所隔壁的眼鏡行有專業的驗光師,可以找他們。

B: 請問我可以做近視雷射手術嗎?

A: 你近視的度數並不深,對日常生活沒有太大影響,所以我認為沒有這個必要。

(Translated by Paul Cooper, Taipei Times/台北時報林俐凱)

Audio recordings for Speak Up! dialogues will be suspended until further notice due to the pandemic.


“Go over there and see them.”

Here, “see” simply means to visit.

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