After LinkedIn and Twitter, Reddit is also adding audio features

Audio is THE trend to follow in 2021. Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn have all jumped on the audio bandwagon. Now it’s Reddit’s turn to try its luck.

The American community platform has unveiled Reddit Talk, a Clubhouse clone. This new feature will allow users to create chat rooms to have in-person discussions.

We take a look at what we can expect from this new addition to the online forum giant.

After Twitter Spaces, here comes Reddit Talk. The American platform is the latest to announce a new feature related to audio like its many competitors. In an April 19 post on its site, Reddit offered a glimpse of its project, which is still being tested.

For now, only a small group of moderators can test this new feature, but any user on Reddit can listen to discussions, both on iOS and Android, the platform said. “After these early tests, we’ll work with moderators to let other trusted community members host talks as well,” they added.

Moderation is a key element

Reddit Talk will be available within subreddits (forums with a specific theme) the company said. For now, only moderators will be able to create an audio room called a “Talk” and it will be up to them to invite users to participate.

Moderation being a key aspect in this kind of new format, moderators will be able to forbid a user to talk in a chat room, ban a user and even prevent them from being able to return to a “Talk”.

“We’re looking forward to working with you all to make sure that Reddit Talk has the best moderation experience possible,” the social network indicated.

A tailored experience for each community

For a more personal experience, Reddit also announced that it is working on a number of options such as changing the background colors of an audio room and the integration of emojis. Users will also be able to change their avatar based on the “Talk” they are in.

A waiting list has been created for Redditors interested in testing this new universe but for now only moderators will be considered, the platform specified. – AFP Relaxnews