Alder Lake i7-12700H Shows Impressive Performance at 115W TDP

New performance results for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake Core  i7-12700H mobile processor have appeared on Twitter thanks to user @9550pro. The popular leaker shared three tweets, one relating to the Cinebench performance of the new processor and the second regarding the processor’s integrated graphics performance. A third tweet talks about Cinebench R20 performance with an even higher 135W TDP. It’s safe to say this processor is an incredible performer if these results are valid.

The chip’s specifications are no joke, which will explain why this chip is so fast in the benchmarks below. The i7-12700H comes with 14 cores and 20 threads, with six of those being performance cores and eight being efficiency cores. You’ll also find 24MB of L3 cache, which Intel calls Smart Cache. Unfortunately, the thread count only goes up to 20 because the E-cores lack HyperThreading.