AMD Chipset Vulnerability Leaks Passwords, Patch Available

AMD has divulged details about a chipset vulnerability that can allow non-privileged users to read and dump some types of memory pages in Windows. This technique allows an attacker to steal passwords or enable other types of attacks, including circumventing standard KASLR exploitation (aka Spectre and Meltdown) mitigations (via TheRecord).

Word of the bug came as part of a coordinated disclosure with Kyriakos Economou, a security researcher and co-founder of ZeroPeril, who exploited the vulnerability to downloaded several gigabytes of sensitive data from impacted AMD processors — but as a non-admin user. AMD has prepared mitigations that can be downloaded either as part of its latest chipset drivers or by using Windows Update to update the AMD PSP driver (details of how to update are below). 

AMD originally issued the patch several weeks ago, but without disclosing which vulnerabilities were addressed. This new disclosure answers those questions.