AMD Posts First Official Fix for Windows 11 Bugs

AMD has released a patch for one of the two bugs that lead to reduced performance in Windows 11 and impact the Best CPUs for gaming. The first patch comes in the form of a chipset driver that fixes the UEFI CPPC2 driver that’s responsible for steering threads to the correct cores. AMD advises that all users on Windows 11 platforms should update to the new patch immediately — you can find the new chipset driver with the patch here. The second patch will come from Microsoft as a Windows update that will arrive this month, but neither company has announced an exact arrival date. As a reminder, the bugs impact all Windows 11-compatible AMD processors. 

The first patch fixes AMD’s UEFI CPPC2 (Collaborative Power and Performance Control 2) feature, also known as the ‘preferred core’ technology that helps steer lightly-threaded work to the fastest cores on the chip. This bug primarily impacts performance in lightly-threaded applications. AMD says the performance reduction may be more noticeable in chips with more than eight cores and a >65W TDP rating, but the patch released today will correct those issues. We have the changelog listing below.