Aorus Z690 Xtreme Motherboard Greets Alder Lake With Dual PCIe 5.0 Slots

According to a report by VideoCardz, we have our first look at Gigabyte’s Z690 Xtreme E-ATX motherboard supporting Intel’s future Alder Lake processors. This board will be tiered right above the Z690 Master and appears to be jam-packed full of features, including a large RGB Memory cover, and dual PCI-E 5.0 x16 slots for the future SSDs and graphics cards. 

The most pronounced feature of the board is the large Aorus branded RGB panel that covers all four of the DDR5 slots located next to the LGA 1700 socket. This is the first time we’ve seen a full RGB cover included with any motherboard and could be optimal for DDR5 modules that lack heat spreaders or RGB lighting to keep the motherboard aesthetically appealing.

The cover could also provide some sort of cooling but we won’t know for sure until the board’s release.

Aorus Z690 Xtreme

(Image credit: VideoCardz)

As far as actual memory performance is concerned, we only know the board is compatible with DDR5’s 4800MHz JEDEC standard. The board’s maximum supported memory frequency with overclocking still remains a mystery.