Best Buy will have its first ever in-store PS5 restock today

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Best Buy hasn’t held a PS5 restock since mid-August, but that’s soon going to change. Later today (Thursday, September 23), the retailer will offer limited quantities of the PS5, PS5 Digital, and Xbox Series X in select stores only. 

The news was originally reported by TechRadar and Best Buy has confirmed it via a blog post. This means that in order to purchase a console in this Best Buy PS5 restock you’ll need to visit a physical retail store and hope that you secure a good spot in the line that could stretch around the block. 

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According to Best Buy’s blog post, this PS5 drop will be nationwide including Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Best Buy employees will begin handing out tickets at 7:30 am local time. You’ll get one ticket for the console you wish to buy. 

You can check the full list of which stores are participating on the Best Buy website. This allows you to check if your local store will have stock before you venture out and get in line later today, which is very useful. 

You won’t be left out if you want an Xbox Series X. Best Buy will also be holding an Xbox Series X restock in-store at the same time. This drop will be the retailer’s first in-store PS5 restock of 2021, as all it’s previous restocks have all been exclusively available online. 

There is a range of pros and cons when it comes to in-store restocks. While resellers aren’t able to deploy online scalper bots, in-store drops can lead to some quite unsavory scenes as witnessed when Best Buy held one for the coveted Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card earlier this year — be prepared to deal with line cutters! 

If you’d rather not venture into a physical store in order to purchase a next-gen console, then make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock hubs. These comprehensive guides are updated daily with the latest stock information and tips.

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