Chrome now lets you switch between user profiles

In a home where two or more people share the same browser on the same computer, things inevitably go wrong.

What happened to that tab I left open last night? Why is it suggesting the wrong password? Whose bookmarks are these? And what happened to the theme I set up?

After many years of frustration from people sharing the same desktop, Google is now letting us switch between different browser profiles on Chrome, not unlike you would in a streaming service like Netflix.

In the coming weeks, you’ll notice a new option letting you click into your own personal profile so that different people can have their own familiar browsing experience.

Until now, using a personal browser setup required a more complicated login with your Google account, but Chrome’s new profiles approach promises to make things much simpler by clicking between profiles.

It also means that other users won’t be able to read or accidentally use any suggested passwords. Your bookmarks, theme settings and open tabs will also be just where you left them.

When you start up Chrome in future, you’ll see a selection page on which the user profiles that have been set up can be entered. If you don’t use the browser regularly, you can just use the guest mode. – dpa