Colorful Accidentally Reveals Eye-Popping iGame RTX 3090 Kudan

Colorful has started a promotion campaign for its upcoming top-of-the-range graphics card, the iGame GeForce RTX Kudan, but the secrecy didn’t last long — the company accidentally leaked its new design in its own blacked-out teaser image. Traditionally Colorful only makes a handful of boards for its Kudan products. They’re built for extreme performance and eye-popping aesthetics, representing the most extreme boards built for the most extreme clocks. 

ColorfulTech Korea published the above image of a mysterious ‘iGame new product,’ but then an enthusiast adjusted the image to reveal the hidden detail in the image below. The first image didn’t expose any distinctive details except a thick profile, an over-the-bracket Z-height, and two connectors for a liquid cooling system that imply a hybrid cooling system.