Colorful Launches iGame RTX 3090 Vulcan OC With LCD Display

The RTX 3090 is one beast of a GPU with plenty of capability and performance, but Colorful decided to take this GPU to another level with the iGame RTX 3090 Vulkan OC. This card packs a ton of cooling power under the hood, plus a good looking aesthetic that should work in a variety of PC cases. For the cherry on top, you get an LCD display to display pictures or monitor GPU sensor data.

The card is clocked at 1395MHz with a boost frequency of 1695MHz. If you switch to the OC mode, that changes the Boost clock from 1695 to 1785Mhz, which is a significant uplift, especially from a factory OC.

Colorful iGame RTX 3090 Vulcan OC

(Image credit: Colorful)

The card features a base plate to cool the GPU, memory, and power delivery components. The baseplate has a vapor chamber cooling design with six heat pipes. On top, the cooler has three fans pushing air into an almost triple-slot thick aluminum heatsink. At the rear, the backplate includes two aluminum heat pipes that keep the components on the rear of the PCB extra cool, which is a nice touch. This is something we don’t see often enough on graphics card designs.