Cryptocurrency Market Rebounds, With Bitcoin and Ethereum Up 25% in a Week

News of the cryptocurrency market’s death may have been greatly exaggerated, with Bitcoin and Ethereum climbing again from their brutal correction from only a few weeks ago. Bitcoin is up 12% in the last 24 hours, and Ethereum climbed around 10% in the same timeframe. Since most cryptocurrencies are still pegged to Bitcoin’s value, this means a rebound across most of the market.

With today’s gains, orver the past week Bitcoin is up around 25%, while Ethereum has bested it with a 27% increase in the same timeframe. This movement follows news last week that Amazon was considering accepting Bitcoin as a valid payment method for purchases in its storefront. It also committed to develop a digital currency and blockchain strategy and a product roadmap for cryptocurrency integration within its service framework.

Pricing for Bitcoin, Ethereum according to Coinmarketcap

Pricing for Bitcoin, Ethereum according to Coinmarketcap (Image credit: Coinmarketcap)

All of this combined means that users looking for the latest-gen best graphics cards might do well in tempering their expectations on falling prices. As we’ve seen, the decline was already tapering off, and you can rest assured that increasing Ethereum prices mean a better ROI (Return On Investment) for miners still holding onto their cards — and likely higher market demand for non-LHR graphics cards still in the retail or secondhand markets.