Gaze Upon Your NFTs With This Raspberry Pi-Powered Gadget

We’re not sure entirely how useful this will be, but for those of you with a plentiful NFT collection, a GitHub user called snarflakes has published instructions for creating an NFT viewer out of a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Pirate Audio pHAT from Pimoroni.

A hand holds the completed gadget, which displays a pixelated cartoon face

(Image credit: snarflakes)

The brains of the unit is a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, the model with the built-in Wi-Fi and pre-soldered GPIO header. The tiny computer sits behind a Pimoroni Pirate Audio, a 1.3 inch SPI LCD display, which has a resolution of 240 x 240px, four buttons and a speaker that connects directly to the Pi’s GPIO pins. There’s a slim battery pack too, connected to the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi Zero WH via a UPS Lite board. All you need is the software, installed to a Micro SD card, and you are ready to appreciate your art collection.