Google Keeps Eyeing Mainstream Smart Glasses, Buys North Focals

focals 2.0

North said it will no longer ship Focals 2.0 this year.  (Image credit: North)

We’ve all made jokes about Google Glass before. The idea of wearing an obvious computer on your head just never took off, not even with the backing of a tech giant. Google Glass still lives in the enterprise space, but we haven’t heard a peep from Google in terms of a new consumer-facing pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses since. Today, Google made more than a peep on that front by buying North, the maker of Focals smart glasses.

North Focals stand out from any other pair of smart glasses in that they don’t really stand out much at all. They look like a regular pair of prescription glasses, and instead of having to touch the specs to navigate its menu and features, you do so discretely with a joystick-equipped plastic ring.