Ikea and Asus ROG team up to make gaming furniture

Swedish furniture giant Ikea is collaborating with Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) to enter a new market – gaming furniture.

In a statement, the companies stated that they are working with professional and casual gamers to identify what’s needed for the best gaming experience at home.

Ikea global business leader (workspace), Ewa Rychert, said there are many stereotypes in the gaming industry, especially that it is predominantly a men’s activity.

Quoting recent studies, she said that about 2.5 billion of the global population are gamers but their needs have been overlooked.

“Playing games also provides a new way of connecting with others which has become even more important recently to feel connected remotely. We hope that the new gaming range will help to embrace and enable the benefits of gaming in life at home,” she said.

She said Ikea aimed to develop affordable and ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories that will also “blend in beautifully into homes”.

As Ikea has yet to show any images, it remains to be seen if its furniture would stray from the typical gamer aesthetic.

Asus gaming gear and accessory business unit general manager Kris Huang said the companies wanted to enable players to build a comfy gaming space that allowed them to fully immerse in their game.

About 30 products are expected to be launched in China in February next year, and designed there too, by Ikea’s Product Development Centre in Shanghai.

The products are expected to be available in other countries by October 2021.