Intel Copies AMD’s Memory Overclocking Approach With Rocket Lake CPUs

Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake processors aren’t due until March 30. However, some retailers are already shipping out orders. One user from the Chiphell forums has gotten his hands on a retail Core i7-11700K, and it would appear that Intel is using a similar memory overclocking concept as AMD’s Infinity Fabric Clock (FCLK), but with Rocket Lake chips.

If you’re not familiar with AMD’s Ryzen processors, many of which sit on our best CPUs list, the FCLK dictates the frequency of the Infinity Fabric, which serves as an interconnect across the chiplets. Adjusting this value allows you to hit higher memory frequency overclocks. By default, the FCLK is synchronized with the unified memory controller clock (UCLK) and memory clock (MEMCLK). Obviously, you can run the FCLK in asynchronous mode, but doing so will induce a latency penalty that negatively impacts performance.