Intel Says it Fixed 7nm Process, But Will Still Outsource Some Parts

Intel isn’t giving up on making its own chips. The company reported its fourth quarter earnings today, with incoming CEO Pat Gelsinger and Omar Ishrak, Chairman of Intel’s board, joining outgoing CEO Bob Swan on the call. Intel posted yet another strong quarter and record year, but the promised update on its 7nm process and outsourcing strategy, which will see the company contract out production of some of its leading-edge products for the first time in its history, hung thick in the air.

Incoming Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke on the call, saying that he has personally reviewed progress on the company’s 7nm process over the last week and that he is pleased with the “health and recovery of the 7nm program.” Gelsinger also said that, given the breadth of the company’s portfolio, Intel will expand its use of external foundries for some products. However, he is confident that the majority of Intel’s 2023 CPU products will come from the company’s own factories. The company plans to share more details after Gelsinger takes the helm in February.