Intel’s Core i5-12490F Hits 5.7 GHz With BCLK Overclocking

Intel’s Core i5-12490F, which is exclusive to the Chinese market, looks like it may become an overclocking legend as one of the enthusiasts has managed to push it to 5.7 GHz through the BCLK overclocking method.

The Core i5-12490F is a six-core, 12-thread Alder Lake chip with 20MB of L3 cache and no integrated graphics. With PBP and MTP ratings of 65W and 117W, respectively, the Core i5-12490F runs with a 3 GHz base clock and 4.6 GHz boost clock. However, an overclocker has managed to overclock the chip to 5.7 GHz (a 90% increase versus default clock) by altering its TDP limit and increasing its BCLK to 142.53 MHz. In addition, the CPU has passed CPU-Z validation (via @Tum_Apisak).

(Image credit: CPU-Z Validator/FUN)

The overclocker had to boost core voltage to 1.696V to achieve a massive frequency increase. It’s an enormous Vcore for a 10-nm processor. Unfortunately, it is unknown what kind of cooling system he used, but we are sure he was likely using exotic cooling.