Intel’s Iris Xe DG1 Graphics Cards Not Compatible with AMD, Older Systems

As reported yesterday, Intel’s first discrete graphics cards for desktops in more than two decades will not be available at retail and will only be sold as parts of pre-built mainstream systems. Apparently, they will also be compatible with select Intel’s platforms only and will not work with AMD’s CPUs at all. 

Apparently, not all PCs are compatible with Intel’s Iris Xe add-in card. Intel says that only systems running its 9th- and 10th-Gen Core processors on motherboards powered by its B460, H410, B365, and H310C chipset are compatible with its graphics card. According to the chip giant, platforms need a special BIOS to work with its DG1 solution. As a result, (for memory?) Intel’s Iris Xe graphics boards will not work with AMD-based systems, as well as Intel’s advanced machines featuring its Z-series chipsets.