M1 revamps mobile plans to give customers more flexible options

Telco M1 has overhauled its mobile plans to give customers more flexibility in customising the amount of data and talk time they want, with three new bespoke mobile plans.

Customers can mix and match the amount of data and talk time they wish to use and pay for in the brand’s handset and SIM-only plans, with combinations starting from $15.95 a month.

The new plans will replace the telco’s previous offerings and are geared for hyper-personalisation, allowing consumers to specify how much they want to pay for their devices upfront and the length of their payment periods.

The telco announced these new plans yesterday in a press conference, where it highlighted its digital transformation.

Checks by The Straits Times found that its new plans are priced competitively, with a 30GB and 100-minutes talk-time combination priced at $24.95 a month, excluding discounts and freebies.

These combinations are adjustable. Customers can choose from seven pre-set data limits starting from 5GB and three talk-time limits ranging from 100 minutes to unlimited. All plans come with 100 free SMSes and customers can add services, such as unlimited data on weekends, for an additional fee.

A similar SIM-only plan at Singtel offering 20GB of data and 150 minutes of talk time per month, costs $30 a month, while StarHub’s SIM-only plan with 30GB of data and 1,000 outgoing minutes of talk time costs $25 a month.

In a media statement, M1 said: “Powered by deep revolutionary changes to its technology stack, M1 is the only telco in Singapore that is able to offer this degree of personalisation to its customers, which will pave the way for M1 to innovate with the latest technologies in the future, changing Singapore’s way of telecommunication.”

The new plans are available on the telco’s online store and is being rolled out progressively to its physical shops.

M1 chief executive Manjot Singh Mann said the brand promises to deliver individualised experiences, adding that this was made possible with the integration of its systems on a single digital platform.

The telco has digitalised its processes by shifting most of its back-end system to the cloud and streamlining its databases into a single “datalake”, said Mr Mann.

Such tech transformation has allowed the firm to utilise tools such as data analytics more effectively, he said. “Now, we have the ability to personalise products, in fact, I would say hyper-personalised products and services… more rapidly and accurately in catering to our customers’ specific needs.”