MSI Z690 Motherboard Specifications Leaked Ahead Of Launch

MSI released a couple of teasers for the brand’s upcoming Z690 motherboards for Intel’ 12th Generation Alder Lake processors. While the renders of the rear I/O don’t tell us a lot, hardware detective momomo_us has dug up retailer listings that give us a general idea of the specifications for each motherboard.

3Logic, one of Russia’s largest hardware retailer, listed 17 different Z690 motherboards from MSI that span from the MEG, MPG, MAG and Pro series. Logically, these are mmotherboards based on Intel’s Z690 flagship chipset and budget models with the B660 and H610 chipsets should arrive in January. There was no sign of the MEG Z690 Godlike, suggesting that the flagship Z690 motherboard will arrive at a later date.