Nintendo Switch OLED restock update: Track on Twitter, Amazon, Best Buy and more

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Nintendo Switch OLED restock has become extremely difficult to track. The upgraded version of Nintendo’s popular hybrid console was released earlier this month and it’s already joined the likes of the PS5 and Xbox Series X as a gaming product that is sold out at all major retailers including Amazon, Target, and GameStop. 

Even buying a regular Nintendo Switch hasn’t been easy over the last 18 months, so it’s no surprise that eager gamers have snapped up the available stock of the suped-up OLED model. The Nintendo Switch OLED is practically guaranteed to be one of the most in-demand items this holiday season.

Tracking Nintendo Switch OLED restock will be a necessity for the next several months. That’s where we can help, as we’re tracking restocks at every major retailer and on Twitter down below. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back often for the latest updates and information. 

Also make sure to check out our Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals coverage, to see what discounts you can expect to grab this holiday season. 

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Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED: Check Nintendo Switch OLED restock now

As of October 15 at 5:25 p.m. ET, there is no Nintendo Switch OLED restock available. GameStop and Nintendo had restock earlier, but sold out rapidly. 

Nintendo Switch OLED: $349 @ Amazon (check stock)
The Nintendo Switch OLED is a refreshed version of the popular handheld/home console. It offers a gorgeous 7-inch OLED display, a wide adjustable stand, a wired LAN port in the dock, and a larger 64GB of internal storage. It’s out of stock today. View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED tracker — stores to check

Nintendo Switch OLED restock — Check these retailersNintendo Switch at Amazon

Switch OLED (white): $349 @ Amazon (check stock)
The Nintendo Switch OLED (white) has a listing page on Amazon, but at the time of writing, it’s currently sold out. View Deal

Switch OLED (blue & red): $349 @ Amazon (check stock)
The Nintendo Switch OLED with Blue & Red Joy-Cons is currently sold out at Amazon, but check back regularly in case of a restock.View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED at Best Buy

Switch OLED: $349 @ Best Buy (check stock)
A listing page for the Nintendo Switch OLED is now live at Best Buy, however, the console is sold out. View Deal

Switch OLED (blue & red): $349 @ Best Buy (check stock)
The Nintendo Switch OLED in the Blue & Red colorway is currently sold at Best Buy.View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED at Walmart

Switch OLED (white): $349 @ Walmart (check stock)
Walmart is currently sold out of the standard Nintendo Switch OLED console, but a restock could happen soon. View Deal

Switch OLED (blue & red): $349 @ Walmart (check stock)
The Nintendo Switch OLED (blue & red) is sold out at Walmart, although some third-party sellers are offering it for an eyewatering $500. View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED at GameStop

Switch OLED (white): $349 @ Gamestop (check stock)
GameStop is sold out of the Nintendo Switch OLED but may offer it in bundles at a later date. View Deal

Switch OLED (blue & red): $349 @ GameStop (check stock)
GameStop is sold out of the Nintendo Switch OLED right now, but it could restock in the coming weeks. View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED at Target

Switch OLED (white): $349 @ Target (check stock)
Target is now sold out of the Nintendo Switch OLED. It’s likely to have stock again in the run-up to the holiday season. View Deal

Switch OLED (blue & red): $349 @ Target (check stock)
Target is another retailer that is sold out of the Nintendo Switch OLED with Blue & Red Joy-Cons. View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED at Nintendo

Switch OLED (white): $349 @ Nintendo (check stock)
Nintendo’s own website is sold out of the Nintendo Switch OLED but could be one of the first to have restock. View Deal

Switch OLED (blue & red): $349 @ Nintendo (check stock)
Nintendo Switch OLED is sold out at Nintendo online store, but there could be a restock in the next few weeks. View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED restock in the U.K. — Check for stock at these retailers

Switch OLED: £309 @ Amazon (check stock)
Amazon itself is sold out of the Nintendo OLED but there are thrid party sellers listing the console on the retailer’s site. Unfortunately, these resellers are looking for up to £399 per console, which is frustrating. View Deal

Switch OLED: £309 @ Very (check stock)
Very is no longer taking orders of the Nintendo Switch OLED in either colorway. The retailer also has a bundle that includes a copy of the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Metroid Dread, but this is also sold out. View Deal

Switch OLED: from £309 @ Game (check stock)
If you live in the UK, Game is still taking orders of the Nintendo Switch OLED. These units will be delivered after October 22 and will likely sell out very soon. View Deal

Switch OLED: from £309 @ Nintendo (check stock)
Nintendo is also taking orders of the Nintendo Switch OLED, though its My Nintendo Store is currently sold out. Expect a restock in the coming weeks though. View Deal

Switch OLED: from £309 @ Smyths Toys
Smyths Toys is one of the few retailers that is currently taking orders of the Nintendo Switch OLED. The stock isn’t available to dispatch today, but it’s expected to be later in the month.View Deal

Switch OLED: from £309 @ ShopTo
ShopTo is another retailer that currently has the Nintendo Switch OLED on backorder. Stock isn’t available right now, but you can reserve a unit now that will dispatched during the next restock. View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED restock — Track on Twitter

One of the best methods of finding out when Nintendo Switch OLED restock hits online retailers is by following a dedicated stock tracking Twitter account. We’d recommend following accounts such as @mattswider, @Wario64,and @Jake_Randall_YT, they are often the first to have updates on availability. 

Of course, it’s worth remembering that Nintendo Switch OLED restock can differ by region and be limited only to select stores, so not all restock updates will be available in your local area. Nevertheless, following a stock tracking account can you an edge when competing for limited stock drops. 

How to buy Nintendo Switch OLED: Essential tips

Get prepared: Make sure you have all the right payment card details and two-factor authentication available and to hand when you find a Nintendo Switch OLED ready to buy. Units can go so fast that if you’re fiddling around trying to find your credit card you could miss your chance to secure a Nintendo Switch OLED order.

Select a retailer: As you can see from our list above, there are plenty of retailers to choose from, which can actually make the whole process of buying a Nintendo Switch OLED a bit complicated. We suggest you select a couple of major retailers like Walmart and Amazon, and keep an eye on their Nintendo Switch OLED landing pages.

Sign up for stock alerts: Plenty of retailers offer to alert you to when they have Nintendo Switch OLED restock. We suggest you sign up to those services for the retailers that are offering them.

Sign in to retailers: Make sure you sign in to any retailers you might already have an account with. This will make things a lot faster when buying a Nintendo Switch OLED if you spot one on sale. And speed is of the essence today.

Keep refreshing and don’t give up: It can be a little demoralizing trying to find Nintendo Switch OLED restock when everywhere looks sold out. But regularly refresh product pages to see what pops up; you might get lucky. And also keep checking back here for any Nintendo Switch OLED stock updates. 

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