Nvidia Vows to Spend Over $100 Million on U.K. Supercomputer

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang pledged today to invest at least $100 million to build a supercomputer in the U.K. The announcement comes as Nvidia seeks to acquire U.K.-based Arm and obtain valuable microprocessor IP for $40 billion. The takeover will enable Nvidia to build heterogeneous data center and high-performance computing (HPC) platforms while adopting a licensing model that will allow it to also sell its own IP to the Arm ecosystem. 

In a bid to show a commitment to U.K.’s high-tech industry and science, Nvidia announced plans last October to build the country’s most powerful supercomputer in Cambridge. Initially, Nvidia planned to spend £40 million ($55.692 million) on the project, but it looks like Nvidia is ready to spend twice what it intended to initially, possibly to persuade regulators in the U.K. that its acquisition of Arm will be a positive for the country.