Overclocker Shows How To Overclock Locked Alder Lake CPUs

Overclocking expert and YouTuber der8auer published a fascinating video this weekend in which he demonstrated BCLK overclocking on some of Intel’s latest Alder Lake non-K processors. The newfound ability of these processors, popular known as ‘Locked’ CPUs, can provide performance boosts of up to 33% after just five minutes of BIOS tweaking. Furthermore, a humble overclocked Intel Core i5-12400  can leave many higher-end chips like the Core i9-12900K in the dust in some games.

To begin his video presentation showcasing his discovery, der8auer, a.k.a Roman Hartung, shows off some very attractive overclocking stats for the Intel Core i5-12400, giving us a taste of the clock speeds and performance uplift we might expect.

(Image credit: der8auer)

Naturally, this needs some explanation, as Intel’s ‘K’ series processors are usually the only products that allow for adjustments in overclocking attempts for base clock (BCLK). For the last few generations, non-K chips have been restricted to memory overclocking only. However, this is not the case in these CPUs/motherboards tested in the embedded video.

With the introduction of Alder Lake, Intel introduced many more granular CPU overclocking controls and features. For example, it has opened up options to overclock the E-and P-cores separately, with adjustable parameters covering various voltages, ring/cache frequency, graphics, memory, and BCLK overclocking. In addition, a new ‘synthetic BCLK’ facilitates adjustments on motherboards that don’t have an external clock generator. As well as these features being present in new motherboard BIOS UIs, you should be able to access them in the updated Intel XTU software v7.5 or greater.

(Image credit: Intel)

Getting back to the video action, der8auer talks viewers through the adjustments necessary to overclock processors like the Intel Core i5-12400/F and i5-12600 on the Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Apex motherboard. Tweaks across several entries in the Extreme Tweaker pages in the BIOS were needed to make sure the system boots and was stable (please refer to the video). Der8auer also lets interested watchers know which parameters to adjust to test the comfortable clock and voltage limits of the processor that you bought – in other words, to try your luck in the silicon lottery. Of course, the most important thing here is that a setting in the Extreme Tweaker > Tweaker’s Paradise options allows you to select a drop-down menu to toggle Unlock BCLK OC to ‘Enabled.’