PS5 event live blog: All the games, price and release date news as it happens

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Today’s the day PS5 fans have been waiting for. After months of rumors and anticipation, Sony will finally give us a deeper look at the PS5 games we’ll be playing this year at the PS5 showcase. And if we’re lucky, we’ll also get a price and release date. 

Sony says to expect a 40-minute show that features “updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners.” As such, we’ll likely see more of titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West in addition to some possible world premieres. And now that Xbox has thrown down the gauntlet with the $299 Xbox Series S and $499 Xbox Series X coming November 10, the pressure is on Sony to answer back with its own pricing and dates.

We’ll be covering all of the big PS5 Showcase announcements live, so be sure to bookmark this page and follow below for all the big reveals as they happen.

PS5 Showcase live stream

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PS5 Showcase live blog

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2:25 pm: We’re now less than two hours away from showtime, and excitement is reaching a fever pitch. What do you think the final PS5 prices will be? Vote in our poll below!

Almost curtain time, #PS5Showcase attendees!How much do you think the PS5 will cost for the digital and standard editions?September 16, 2020

2:11 pm: Everyone’s favorite parody Sony CEO Twitter account is back at it again.

I know I should wait until the event later, but I can’t: I am pleased to announce that the price of the base PS5 is 499 US d……ays away from being officially announced.September 16, 2020

1:46 pm: Office assistant Marie says to wake her up when there’s a PS5 price.

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12:48 pm: An alleged leak from a French retailer making the rounds on ResetEra points to a lot of what we already expected, including €499 for the PS5 and €399 for the PS5 Digital Edition. The leak claims that pre-orders open on September 17, and that Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Destruction All-Stars, Demon’s Souls Remake and Sackboy Adventures. Take this all with a big grain of salt, but these prices and games do sound in line with what we’ve been expecting this holiday.

11:50 am: The internet seems ready for more PS5 info. Are you?

How I feel today knowing we getting PS5 info. #PS5Showcase #PS5 16, 2020

waiting on these prices later today #PS5Showcase 16, 2020

11:09 am: We know we’ll see lots of PS5 games and probably a price and date, but what about the UI? We got a brief tease of it in June, but it would be great to see the full PS5 interface in action.

PS5 day today. We’ll obviously get a price and release date, but I’m hoping we might also get a closer look at the PS5 dashboard UI. Super interested to see what Sony has done there 16, 2020

10:33 am: God of War creative director Cory Barlog has been posting some cryptic images on his Twitter account just ahead of today’s event. Could a God of War 2 tease be imminent? We sure hope so.

10:00 am: Time to talk last-minute predictions! Here’s what we expect — and want to see — around the Tom’s Guide office.

Roland Moore-Colyer, UK editor: “God of War 2 is in the works. Naughty Dog will tease a new IP. Sony will announce a finance/subscription service that bundles the Digital Edition with PS Plus/Now.”

Adam Ismail, editor: “Prices will be $499/$599. We won’t get a GT7 release date anyway but I don’t think it’s coming this year.”

Marshall Honorof, editor: “It’s past time for a price and release date, but Sony never guaranteed that’s what we’re going to see, so I really do hope this is finally the reveal. Beyond that, Final Fantasy XVI would be a lovely surprise, as would more info on Spider-Man: Miles Morales. And, honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Ratchet & Clank.”

Adam: “Really I’m just ready for peak 2005-era Sony hubris. I wanna see them price this thing too high with no games just cause it’d be entertaining.” 

Roland: “Some people just want to watch the world burn…….in 4K 60fps with ray-tracing.” 

I’m personally hoping for a deep dive on Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Marvel’s Spider-Man was my favorite game of 2018, and if this is Sony’s big PS5 launch game, we need to see a lot more of it. 

9:30 am: We’re all set up in our virtual war room and ready to go! While today’s event will be games-focused, speculation is running rampant about the PS5’s price and release date, which we could learn today.

A last-minute retail leak suggests pre-orders could go live today, which would make sense if we do indeed get a PS5 price reveal. Another leak gaining steam indicates that the PS5 may cost $399 for the PS5 Digital Edition and $499 for the standard PS5. A starting price of $399 for the PS5 would be an enticing entry point, especially with the Xbox Series X costing $499.

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