PS5 restock coming this week — use these tips to get yours

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Securing a PS5 is no easy task. Low inventory, lightning-fast bots, and high demand have made purchasing Sony’s new console near impossible. While more PS5 restock is promised for this week, the truth is buying a PS5 is still a frustrating experience. 

However, there are a few things you can do now to tip the scales in your favor during the next PS5 restock. Creating log-in accounts, following the right influencers on Twitter, and keeping on top of the latest news can help increase your shot of scoring a PS5.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll get a PS5 during the next restock, if you follow these tips you’ll at least be among the first to know when a restock happens and what to do while you wait on that virtual queue.  

Follow these Twitter accounts

Prior to the pandemic, getting a new console on release day meant waiting in a physical line with other gamers in the hopes of being one of the first shoppers inside a store. These days everyone is shopping online and we all have a common enemy: the bot. Scalpers are using bots to buy up as much PS5 inventory as they can. They then sell those new consoles at extraordinary prices.

The best way to crush a bot is to simply not buy from scalpers. To do that, you must remain vigilant 24/7. Twitter accounts such as @Wario64 and @PS5StockAlerts are great at providing updates on availability. It’s also worth following the Twitter accounts of your favorite stores like Best Buy Newegg, and Walmart. Keep these feeds on your radar 24/7 and likewise you can sign-up for e-mail alerts from some of your favorite stores. 

Create log-in accounts now

We normally wouldn’t recommend creating log-in accounts at various retailers. However, having an account with your address and credit card info can mean the difference between scoring a console or being left out. By having an account ready, you can quickly check out with your new console, should you be so lucky to secure one.

So go ahead and open that Walmart, GameStop, Sony Direct, and Amazon account

Arrive early and don’t give up

We’ve been tracking PS5 restocks since its launch and we can comfortably say that restock events can happen any time of day. While some retailers give at a few hours notice, others might give you a 10-minute heads up. The minute you find out of a forthcoming restock, bookmark that page and load that website a few minutes before the restock happens. 

In the case of the Sony Direct Store, you’ll need to form a virtual queue before you can shop for the PS5. Many times your “wait time” can be hours. But don’t fret because the estimates can quickly shorten. In the case of the Sony Direct Store, we’ve found that their wait time estimates tend to be on the short side despite messages estimating wait times of over an hour. 

However, it’s worth noting that just because you’re in line to buy the console doesn’t mean you’ll actually get one. We’ve made countless virtual lines at Sony Direct and have yet to secure a console. 

Know where to click

Below you’ll find a list of PS5 landing pages at all major retailers. Whenever there’s a restock event, these are the pages you’ll want to constantly check. (Unless, of course, said retailer provides a link to a new landing page). Make sure to know what page to check and check it frequently. 

Check all PS5 inventory 

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