Raja Koduri To Present at Samsung Event as Intel Mulls Chip Outsourcing

Intel’s Raja Koduri is slated to present a “1000X More Compute for AI by 2025” presentation at Samsung’s Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE) Forum next week, which comes as Intel mulls its strategy for outsourcing some of its production to third-party fabs. The presentation comes after Raja Koduri tweeted an image of a visit to Samsung’s Giheung plant in Korea last year, sparking rumors that Intel would use Samsung to produce components for its Xe graphics solutions. Those rumors seemed spurious in the past, but Intel’s recent announcement that it will outsource some chip production, and this week’s revelation that the company still hasn’t decided just what or where it will outsource, makes Koduri’s latest interaction with Samsung’s foundry all the more interesting. 

Intel is certainly at a crossroads. After a decade of dominance fueled by the company’s own process tech, the company announced that problems with its 7nm node had forced it to consider outsourcing some components built on leading-edge process tech to third-party foundries, a first for the company. But the company still hasn’t developed an outsourcing strategy, as evidenced by Intel CEO Bob Swan’s comments in the company’s Q3 2020 earnings call. Hence, it’s possible we could see the company use either TSMC or Samsung foundries to produce its next-gen flagship chips, or even both.