Snag 32GB of DDR4-3000 RAM for $88

While this season’s spate of new, but hard to find Ryzen 5000 CPUs and Ampere/Big Navi GPUs is shaping up to make now a pretty bad time to build a PC, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to upgrade your rig. Adding on some additional or speedier RAM is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to upgrade your PC, and Black Friday deals mean we’re starting to see some killer discounts on the best RAM kits. Take this 32GB DDR4-3000MHz GeIL Evo Potenza kit that’s currently on Newegg for just $88.

It’s not exactly the prettiest memory in the world, even if the 16GB version of the kit comes with a Ryzen sticker, but at $2.75 per gigabyte, that doesn’t really matter. 3000 MHz is also more speed than you can expect from most other 32GB RAM kits in this price range, with the closest competitor we could find being a 2666 MHz TeamGroup kit that’s going for $91 on Amazon.

GeIL Evo Potenza AMD 32GB RAM Kit: $97 $88 @ Newegg
This 32GB RAM kit is purpose-built to take advantage of AMD’s auto-overclocking profile (Intel users call this XMP but names vary with AMD) and offers some of the best speeds for its price.View Deal

GeIL’s also a recognized manufacturer that’s reviewed well with us before, in part thanks to AMD-specific auto-overclocking features that are also present here. You can still use this RAM with Intel CPUs of course, but it was made with Ryzen’s XMP equivalent in mind. According to Geil’s website, this kit has a latency ranging from CL14 – 19 and a voltage ranging from 1.2V – 1.4V. It’s also got a heat spreader that normally comes in both red and black, but this deal only applies to the red version.