Step Inside a Next-Gen AMD CPU/GPU in new Fortnite Contest

From live concerts to exclusive movie trailers to cross-branded character skins, Fortnite has risen up in its short lifetime to become a pillar of playable marketing, and now that influence is spreading to AMD hardware as well. The company first jumped on the trend back in September, when you could enter a special code to see a non-interactive render of an RX 6000 series GPU. 

Now that Big Navi has officially been announced, though, AMD is expanding that render from September into a fully playable parkour map that takes place inside the GPU. Plus, it’s also adding another map centered on dropping into a giant Ryzen 5000 series CPU sitting in the middle of a forest. And there’s also two new additional maps based on an “AMD Battle Arena” and what looks to be an “AMD City.” But most importantly, the company’s also running a contest where you can win the featured hardware yourself.