’The Medium’ mixes horror with unusual game mechanics

“The Medium” is a psychological horror game in which players take on the role of Marianne, a young woman with psychic abilities.

Marianne can establish contact with the spirit world and has been tormented by terrible visions for some time. In her dreams she is being followed by a child murderer. What does it mean?

She goes to an abandoned holiday camp to look for clues. A bad accident a few years before closed the place. Marianne will try to find out whether her horror visions point to a crime from the past or are a glimpse into the future.

She’s aided by her psychic powers and can view our normal reality and at the same time see the spirit world. When she enters the dual worlds the screen is split in two and players control the protagonist simultaneously in two levels of existence, which makes for an original game mechanic.

Many of the puzzles that she faces can’t be solved in the real world and so Marianne needs to go looking for clues in the spirit world. She can leave her body completely and immerse herself among the dead, but that can be dangerous as well as scary.

Monsters and all sorts of otherworldly creatures have to be battled with the help of Marianne’s spiritual powers. However, some beings in the shadow world are so dangerous it’s safer to just run away.

”The Medium” is available for PCs and the Xbox Series X and costs around 50 dollars. The game is suitable for players aged 18 and older.