The Tale of the GeForce GTX 340, a GPU That Technically Doesn’t Exist

The GTX 340 is perhaps one of the strangest and rarest graphics cards you can find online today. As covered by the Budget-Builds Official YouTube Channel, the GTX 340 is, in fact, an unofficial GeForce 300 series card that Nvidia never actually produced. Instead, enterprising modders created the cards from standard GT units by adding souped-up dual-slot coolers, modifying the BIOS, applying a hefty overclock, and then changing the identifier string to make the card appear as a “GTX” model in the system.   

First, a quick backstory into Nvidia’s 300 series; the 300 series started as a rebrand of the 200 series and was based on the Tesla 2.0 architecture, which proved to be very efficient but very weak in terms of raw horsepower. Due to Tesla’s low performance, the 300 series cards were primarily geared for 2D video playback and basic display adapters, but they could run some 3D applications. Oddly enough, the 200 series were nothing more than rebrands of the 200 series. (The only exception being the GT 320 and GT 330, which had very slight improvements over the 200 series counterparts.)