Why everyone should adopt dual authentication for their Google account

Two-step validation is extremely easy to activate in your Google Account. ― Shutterstock pic via ETX Studio

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SAN FRANCISCO, May 8 ― Google has just indicated that double authentication will soon be activated by default for everyone. It now represents the easiest way to avoid having your account hacked, even when your password has been leaked. Google wants to highlight this essential security feature, which is too seldom used.

A simple password is no longer enough to guarantee secure access to an online account. One of the best ways to protect your account (Google or other) is to set up a second form of verification, in order to prove that you are the rightful owner. This double authentication has been around for years, but unfortunately it has not yet been adopted by everyone. Now Google hopes to convince the skeptics and bring it to the attention of those who may not even know that it exists.

The two-step validation now takes the form of a message that appears on your smartphone screen asking if you want to log in to your account or of a six-digit code sent by SMS. This means that if the login attempt comes from a third party who has managed to get your password, you can still block them from accessing your account. Without the double authentication system, this would not be possible.

To activate and manage the two-step validation, you have to go to your Google account and select Security and follow the instructions on the screen.

In addition to Google, using double authentication is recommended everywhere it is available, starting with social networks, in order to avoid having your identity “stolen”. More than two billion people in the world will have an active Google account in 2021! ― ETX Studio