Khon Kaen Covid-cluster factories sealed tight

Khon Kaen Covid-cluster factories sealed tight

Province aims for 70% vaccination rate by early November

Myanmar workers queue for Covid-19 testing at their workplace in Khon Kaen province on Tuesday. (Photo: Chakrapan Natanri)
Myanmar workers queue for Covid-19 testing at their workplace in Khon Kaen province on Tuesday. (Photo: Chakrapan Natanri)

KHON KAEN: Strict bubble and seal measures have been imposed on factories in Khon Kaen province with clusters of Covid-19 infections, a major fishing net factory and workplaces with migrant labour, and a prison.

Khon Kaen governor Somsak Jangtrakul said on Tuesday there were 184 new Covid-19 cases. Most were in clusters in Nam Phong and Mancha Khiri districts.

Effective immediately strict bubble and seal measures must be implemented at factories with clusters of infections. These included Khon Kaen Fishing Net factory in Muang district, along with workplaces with Myanmar employees, the governor said after a meeting of the provincial communicable disease control committee.

The governor was brought up to date on the Covid-19 situation in the province.

He said inspect the factories woud be closely inspected and employees all tested for Covid-19.

People deemed at risk would be separated, and infected people assigned to treatment and quarantine. The premises would be sealed up, entering and leaving prohibited. 

The Corrections Department had also imposed strict Covid-19 control measures at the prison in Phon district after a cluster of infections was reported among inmates, the governor said.

“Khon Kaen is now in provinces under close watch by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration as new infections are being constantly found. There are clusters of infections at factories, among migrant workers and at fresh markets and in communities,’’ Mr Somsak said.

The committee on Tuesday also approved nine more hospitels for patients in the green group, those with mild symptoms. About 1,000 beds were needed for this group, he said. 

The governor said with the reopening the country to foreign tourists on Nov 1 fast approaching, health precautions were being taken. These included mass testing for Covid-19 and vaccination against the disease.

He said Puai Noi district was chosen as one area where 100% of residents would be  vaccinated.

Local authorities would work with the CCSA on bringing various vaccines to the province.

About 70% of the population in Khon Kaen, or about 1.2 million people, would have received at least a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by early November, the governor said.