Thailand’s FDA plans “Cannabis Sandbox” entry scheme for tourists

A “Cannabis Sandbox” entry scheme is being discussed to draw in marijuana enthusiasts from overseas. Yes… we said cannabis. But don’t get too excited. When the government talks about cannabis, they mean parts of the plant with low (very low) traces of the psychoactive component THC.

The Thai Food and Drug Administration mentioned the idea of a “Cannabis Sandbox” for those entering Thailand from overseas, allowing travellers to roam freely in approved districts or provinces without undergoing a strict quarantine. In this case, cannabis products would be involved, just no joints or “happy brownies.” The government will have a public hearing on the marijuana travel scheme next month.

The secretary-general of the FDA, Paisarn Dunkum, told Thai media that they are working on the Cannabis Act which is expected to allow people over 20 years old to use cannabis for recreational purposes in a specific area approved by the authorities like the Sandbox scheme. At the moment, cannabis with traces of the high-inducing THC that are more than 0.2% is still illegal.

Paisarn told reporters that people under 20 years old, pregnant women, and lactating women would not be allowed to enter under the “Cannabis Sandbox.” For travellers who get sick during their trip, they can have cannabis products included in their treatment.

FDA authorities told Thai media that they are also working on the Cannabis Act following the decision from the Public Health Ministry’s narcotics control committee to remove cannabis from its narcotics list. The Cannabis Act will focus on planting and growing cannabis at home for medical purposes, using cannabis as a herb, adding economic value to cannabis, and preventing it from being misused.

Cannabis sandbox

Photo via Thai FDA Facebook page

SOURCES: HFocus | Matichon | Dailynews | The Pattaya News