404 new covid19 cases, 17 deaths reported on Sunday – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Image courtesy CDC
Image courtesy CDC

THE country recorded 404 new covid19 infections and 17 more covid-related deaths according to the daily update for Sunday.

This means that since the virus was first detected in TT in March 2020, the country has lost 3,197 people to the virus, while 100,994 have been infected. Up to Sunday, 81,278 people have recovered from the virus.

As of Sunday, there were 16,519 positive cases with 610 people in hospital. The number of cases recorded on Sunday were not from the past 24 hours but were from test samples taken between January 8-15.

Of the 17 deaths reported on Sunday, seven were elderly males, seven were elderly females, one middle-aged male and two middle-aged females.

Of these 17 fatalities, eight had multiple comorbidities, five had one comorbidity while four had no known underlying medical conditions. Comorbidies noted in these deaths include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease and a history of strokes.

Total number of people tested is 542,619, with 242,920 tests being at private facilities and 299,699 tests were done at public facilities.

As of Sunday, there were 461 people in hospital, 149 at step-down facilities and 15,505 in home self-isolation.

The total number of people with the first of the two-dose vaccine regimen is 675,556; the total with full vaccination in the single-dose regimen with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 51,921; the total number with full vaccination in the two-dose regimen is 627,577 and the total with the booster dose is 99,476.

For this year, up to Sunday, (Jan 01-16) there have been 9,104 infections or 569 infections per day and 328 deaths or 20.5 deaths per day.