A sigh of relief – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


THE EDITOR: The Government’s decision to reopen sites to cremate covid19 victims is a welcome decision. The Hindu and other communities that prefer open-air pyres as the preferred means of disposal of our deceased can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.

On behalf of those affected, I thank the Government for listening to the voice of the people.

The question still remains how will the State compensate those who were forced to cremate their loved ones at indoor crematoriums for exorbitant fees .

The WHO has never recommended the banning of open-air cremations and recognising cultural and religious practices. So, why did the Government stop open-air cremations?

Today we have more covid19 deaths than any other time, yet the Government would have us believe it is because of its benevolence that we find relief when in fact it has inflicted untold hardship on the Hindu community.

Meanwhile rivers remain closed for religious purposes.


spiritual head

Satya Anand Ashram