Arouca/Maloney MP hosts vaccination drive Saturday, Sunday – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Arouca/Maloney MP Camille Robinson-Regis. -
Arouca/Maloney MP Camille Robinson-Regis. –

Arouca/Maloney MP Camille Robinson-Regis has organised a vaccination drive in her constituency for this Saturday and Sunday. The event will take place at the Bon Air Gardens Community Centre between 8am-5pm.

Robinson-Regis said she organised the drive in collaboration with the Health Ministry because she believes people must be encouraged to be vaccinated.

“Vaccination is the mechanism to ensure that you don’t get covid19, or even if you do get it it’s not severe or life-threatening. Arouca/Maloney is a large constituency with a large population. Despite the fact that we have two health centres, the Maloney Health Centre and the Arouca Health Centre, both of which are giving out the vaccine, I decided to partner with the Health Ministry to get more people vaccinated, because I believe in the vaccine and the science, as has been stated by Dr Parasram and his team.”

She said she was pleased that people in the constituency have been going to get the vaccine and decided to organise the drive owing to the size of the constituency.

“It’s walk-in, you just have to come with your ID card and you’ll get the vaccine. We are setting up in the community centre, we will be having nurses, volunteers and whoever is necessary to administer the vaccine, we will have volunteers to take people’s information and so on, and we will also have transportation for those who need transportation from one part of the constituency to the community centre, we have all of that in place.

She said people from other constituencies were welcome to come, including from Lopinot/Bon Air West and D’Abadie/O’Meara. She said transport would be provided for those constituents.

“We are excited about this because we know having the vaccine is important for bringing down the numbers of cases and deaths. People who want to be transported can call if they need that kind of assistance. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for people to come and get the vaccine. The councillors for the area are also involved, as well as NGOs, religious organisations, we’ve tried to do a total outreach to everyone in the area.”

Robinson-Regis said she was happy there was not a lot of vaccine hesitancy in the constituency.

For further information, people can contact the office of the Arouca/Maloney MP at 689-9791 and email

Meanwhile, Pointe-a-Pierre MP David Lee, who took his vaccination shot on Sunday, said people in his constituency had been getting the vaccine at three locations.

“My constituency has the Claxton Bay Health Centre, and the Marabella Centre, which has been serving not only Marabella but the environs, for example the San Fernando East and San Fernando West constituents. We are also close to the Ato Boldon drive-through vaccination site, and a lot of constituents are using that also.”

Lee said he was also able to get 300 constituents vaccinated at the Divali Nagar site with the assistance of the TT Manufacturers’ Association, and these spots were filled quickly. He said he has not come across much vaccine hesitancy in the constituency.

“When I took my shot at the Nagar on Sunday, I understand 2,000 people had gotten theirs before me, and according to one of the organisers, 25,000 people had received the vaccine at that site up to Sunday.”

He called on the government to mount a more education-based campaign rather than a mandatory, fear-driven push.

Lee said he was glad to have gotten his first dose of the vaccine, as he had waited until there were more vaccines available rather than taking advantage of his position as an MP.

“I had a very minor, niggling headache for the first two days, which is good as it shows that the vaccine is working as opposed to showing no symptoms. I’m looking forward to my second shot on August 19. I’ll be freer to be able to travel out of the country, and be among my constituents and less fearful as I go about my daily business.”