Bodies fall out of hearse in Arima – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Drivers and pedestrians were left in shock Friday morning after two bodies being transported by a funeral home fell out of the hearse and landed in the middle of the main road, in Arima.

In a video captured by a driver, the bodies were seen lying wrapped in white body bags strapped to stretchers.

There was some traffic build-up as drivers drove closer to the pavement to avoid running over the bodies. The 29-second video also shows cars slowing down for drivers to look, take pictures and videos of the disturbing site as they passed. But there wasn’t a build-up of traffic.

A staff member at the funeral home told Newsday this is the first time bodies had fallen out of one of the company’s vehicles while being transported. He was unable to say where the bodies were coming from and where they were being taken.

He described the incident as disturbing and embarrassing for the company.