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THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine - Jeff K. Mayers
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine – Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: I congratulate THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine for the courage to eliminate the dress code for public departments in Tobago. It is an unusually progressive move for this country.

The colonial dress code had fallen into disuse until it was revived by the self-appointed morality police during the Patrick Manning administration. It has caused great inconvenience to members of the public who not only pay the salaries of these public officials but also pay for the buildings in which they work. It has also allowed security guards to overstep boundaries and publicly shame citizens for their attire.

What is even more ridiculous is that the workers in these buildings do not seem too concerned about a de+adly virus but a sleeveless top or three-quarter-length pants drives them into a frenzy.

Let us hope that Trinidad will follow this progressive thinking. Maybe government ministries can become more efficient if so much time is not wasted on nonsense like a pair of slippers.

Augustine, respect to you.