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THE EDITOR: I was hoping to spend this period of my life helping those sincerely interested in rebuilding our nation from an apolitical position. After the people had spoken at the last general election, one would think that there would be renewed energy towards progress. An energy renewed by the sacred trust placed in our politicians by the people.

Instead, we seem to be going nowhere and the people who command the attention of the public seem consumed with their personal image rather than national development. Consequently, I have decided to come out from political retirement and once again continue on a path of enlightenment and development for all our people.

Let me be clear about the fundamentals that are necessary to take us forward. Fundamentals that must be realised if we are to progress. Fundamentals that I am prepared to help any political entity dedicated to our people realise.

It is impossible for our nation to realise its full potential with a divided people. Therefore, we cannot continue to support politicians solely on race. Unity is our number one fundamental.

Widespread development is impossible without an adequate water supply and efficient transportation. Our water system must revert to a gravity-fed distribution one. This will save our infrastructure and roadways from unnecessary damage and allow for even distribution throughout our network.

Our CEPEP and URP workers must be trained to do road repairs and lead the way in restoring our roadways.

It is irresponsible and disingenuous to say to our citizens that tamper-proof licence plates are not being expeditiously produced because the process is complicated. These plates can be produced and the process of replacement completed in as little as six weeks.

This single item can do more to reduce criminal activity than most, as criminals simply make false plates before venturing into their nefarious activities.

The era of politicians disrespecting our population, leaders and public officers simply to gain notoriety in the media must end. We have a nation to rebuild and that involves and requires the efforts of everyone, regardless of their race, political affiliation, religion or sexuality.

I take this opportunity to wish our Prime Minister a speedy recovery and great health going forward. The economic challenges that our nation faces along with the challenges of food production, border protection, health and education are real but not insurmountable. These are challenges we can overcome if we unite.

We are better united.


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