Kamla: PNM afraid to face no-confidence motion – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar
Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar

UNITED National Congress (UNC) leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says the People’s National Movement is “ducking Parliament” to avoid debating the motion of no confidence filed against national security minister Stuart Young.

The Opposition filed a no-confidence motion against Young last week, it said, because of “Young’s failure to faithfully discharge his duties to the people of this nation as their Minister of National Security,” underscored by “the draconian and authoritarian decision to keep our borders closed to citizens.”

Speaking at a virtual rally on Monday, Persad-Bissessar told supporters the PNM and Young need to face the motion sooner or later.

“They went on the longest recess after a Christmas break. Parliament was supposed to convene this Friday…That private motion against Stuart Young would have been debated in the Parliament (this) Friday,” she said, reminding supporters of the one day per month opportunity for the Opposition to file such motions.

“They are ducking the Parliament. They are after the results (local by-elections) come out on Monday.

“So look, Stuart. Whether we do it this Friday, we do it next Friday, whichever day we do it – it’s licks coming for you, because you’re the most incompetent Minister of National Security we’ve ever had.

“So if you think you’ve escaped, you have not. You will have to come to Parliament and you will have to explain to people why it is that you are acting illegally, shutting down the rights of every citizen that you have stranded abroad. It is a right under common law. It is a right under the Immigration Act It. It is the right of every citizen to enter into the country.

“Whilst we were locking out our nationals, you were busy bringing here Delcy Rodriguez (Venezuelan vice-president) and her crew. (You) brought them into the country immediately after you lock it down. What exemption did she get? What criteria did you use?”

Minister of National Security Stuart Young –