Sick Hackshaw escapes disciplinary tribunal – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

ACP Irwin Hackshaw -
ACP Irwin Hackshaw –

THE internal investigation into ACP Irwin Hackshaw could not be completed before he retires on Monday as he was on sick leave and could not face a disciplinary tribunal for allegedly moonlighting as a security consultant.

Addressing the matter on Saturday, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the matter could not progress as planned since because of Hackshaw’s time away from office. Asked if he was concerned that the handling of the matter could be construed as a cover-up, Griffith said no.

“When the PCA submitted a report about the internal matter I immediately ordered that the matter be investigated. Then when they submitted a report saying they think there is a criminal matter, almost immediately I suspended him, so on what ground can anyone claim there is a cover up. I don’t deal with bacchanal, I deal with facts, logic and evidence.”

In July, Griffith said he could not initiate disciplinary proceedings against Hackshaw because he was the second highest ranking officer and he (Griffith) could not act as “jury, jury and executioner.” He later changed his position when he appointed acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Anthony James to hear the matter.

On October 1, Griffith appointed James to investigate the claims made by the Police Complaints Authority against Hackshaw. The PCA found that Hackshaw was allegedly moonlighting as a security consultant while on vacation without the approval of the then police commissioners.

Hackshaw, is set to retire on Monday.

On November 17, James, at a police media briefing said he was optimistic that he will complete the investigation before Hackshaw retires. Calls and messages to James went unanswered.

Sunday Newsday also contacted Hackshaw’s attorney Senior Counsel Ramesh Maharaj on Friday who said he was not informed of any development in matter.

The PCA also found there was a case for Hackshaw to answer in connection with claims that he collected over $2 million from several business people while on vacation on the premise of providing security services. A similar investigation by the police, done by ACP William Nurse, found no evidence to support any offence against Hackshaw.

The PCA found sufficient evidence to support a criminal investigation against Hackshaw who is accused of collecting substantial sums of money from business people which he claimed was solicited to help off-set the costs of official social events for the police.