Turkish man’s classic car passion leads to 17 cars in 12 years

Erdinç Başsimitçi, 40, a businessperson in Turkey’s southeastern city of Gaziantep who is fond of classic cars, created a collection of 17 vehicles in 12 years. Başsimitçi takes care of his cars every day keeping them in meticulous condition in the garage of his workplace.

A Mercedes-Benz headlight with a mini-wiper of one of Erdinç Başsimitçi’s classic cars, Gaziantep, Turkey, Nov. 25, 2021. (DHA Photo)

Erdinç Başsimitçi, who is engaged in the automotive business in the city, has created a collection by purchasing 17 classic vehicles of different brands from different cities of Turkey over the last 12 years. Başsimitçi does not financially price his cars, the oldest of which is a 1969 model, and also does the daily maintenance of the cars in his collection.

Başsimitçi said his passion for classic cars started in childhood and that he spends time with his cars in the garage every day before going to work.

“It took me about 12 years to collect the vehicles found here. I am making this collection purely out of love. My first car was a 1969 model vehicle. It took me a long time to find this vehicle. Currently, I have 17 vehicles here. I look after my vehicles once every day. I do all the maintenance of the vehicles myself,” he said.

Many people are surprised when they see his collection, which includes the still-popular Tofaş Şahin, a Turkish-made version of the Italian Fiat Regata, in addition to BMWs, Mercedes-Benz and a Ford.

“The vehicles found here were the most luxurious, favorite and most popular cars used by high-profile people. Visitors to this place are delighted and happy when they see these vehicles. To see so many vehicles together, they only can by going to a museum,” he explained.

Classic car-lover Erdinç Başsimitçi, 40, driving off in one of his classic cars, Gaziantep, Turkey, Nov. 25, 2021. (DHA Photo)

“People who come here become jubilant by the time they leave,” he said.

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