You are being watched: Turkish man protects local cats from drivers

A sign hangs above a shoe shop warning passersby that “cameras are recording” after 10 neighborhood stray cats were crushed by cars.

A Turkish man in the country’s Bilecik province became extremely frustrated after 10 of the stray cats he fed became roadkill within the last month. Taking matters into his own hands, the man hung a sign to discourage drivers from speeding on the street.

Emrah Aslan, the owner of a shoe store in the Gazipaşa neighborhood of Bilecik, feeds and takes care of numerous cats on his street.

Explaining that vehicles speed down the street and 10 cats were killed as a result, Aslan said that he came up with his own solution of sorts and decided to hang a sign outside his store that can be seen from the road.

A sign says “Attention! Cats may appear, if you crush the cat, the cameras are recording,” on the wall of Emrah Aslan’s shoe store, in Gazipaşa neigborhood of Bilecik, Turkey, Oct. 12, 2021. (DHA Photo)

“Attention! Cats may appear, if you crush the cat, the cameras are recording.”

Aslan added that they have installed more security cameras around the workplace.

“I have been a tradesman in this neighborhood for a long time, I feed the cats as much as I can, I try to meet their needs. However, I have been disturbed by the death of animals recently. I put up such a sign, thinking, ‘What measures can I take against them?’ It turns out you need a permit to put speed bumps,” Aslan said.

“I have been very compassionate towards cats since I was little, I love them very much. We wanted to take such a precaution to protect them or to take care of them,” he told Demirören News Agency (DHA).

Aslan said that he hung the sign as a deterrent, adding that he would report vehicles caught on camera injuring cats to the police.